Design Portfolio Update, May 2020

One of the most tedious, demanding task for any designer looking for career opportunities, admit it, is updating our portfolio! It’s almost impossible to do while we’re working full-time, (unless you’re already thinking ahead of switching job), yet when we finally have time, without a proper evidence gathering rigorously practised during we’re still employed, it means going back and forth through the whatever archive we can get our hands upon.

I’m glad I did some evidence gathering once in a while which help to give structure to my storytelling, so my current design portfolio update wasn’t that painful.

Still in it’s first draft stage, almost 40 pages long! Yes I will trim it down but that’s stage two, for now this is it, a work in progress:

Click on this link to view it (~7 MB), and let me know what do you think? (byms)

Experience Design Event Calendar 2020

As I lately encountered a lot of event-related informations during my upskilling and network-building, instead of painfully mark it on my persona calendar, I think it will be more useful if I put it in a shareable calendar instead. Doing it this way offers two benefits: Easier to read, as you can view it in either calendar or list view; Gives good sense of time, as it already marks the actual time slots so it reduces the cognitive load to map plain texts into real-time context.


To add your own design event to this calendar, please invite (byms)