Bayu Amus – Product Design Leader

Welcome to the new Bayu Amus personal website! I’m a Product Design Leader with experience in the development of B2B, B2C, and C2C products and services, aiming for Indonesia, Thailand, and South East Asia markets. Visit my experience page for details.

Based on my experience of 10+ years in Experience Design, Product Design Team leading and mentoring, I will post writings about #ProductDesign, #UX, and #DesignLeadership, so stay tuned!

As it’s still under construction at the moment, in the meantime please follow my other channels for the latest update: Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Eko Cards – Innovating a versatile collaboration tools

Business Need The project was unique as it poses an interesting question: what product will become our future-proof solution? Think within the context of work productivity, collaboration, project management, activities that we already have a ground on, but think outside of the box. As an example, look into MS Excel, surveys shows that it’s the …

How to understand the different titles of UX Designers

Among the most asked questions in Quora related to UX Design, a good chuck is about the differences of titles and roles related to the practice. First of all, when you look into the demarcation of roles today, basically, you can divide designers into two hemispheres: creative designers, and experience designers. The first related more …


Product Design Leader with 10+ years of experience in the application of design to real-world problems, leading and building User Experience Design teams, 4+ years of multi-platform B2B, B2C, and C2C Product Design for Southeast Asian market, Customer Experience consulting for international clients.

Design Portfolio

An exercise in highlighting my work process and approach to projects, through some selected use-cases. PDF Format, 7 MB.

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You can find more about myself, my writings and ramblings on social media lister below. For projects, speaking, mentoring, volunteering, and other collaboration opportunities please email me at bayuamus[at]